Tue Jan 9, 2018 07:01AM
US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump
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US President Donald Trump has obsessive loyalty to the Israeli regime, and Israeli agents in the United States are currently in the Trump administration, according to Walt Peretto, a writer and researcher based in Washington, DC.

Peretto told Press TV in an interview on Monday that most Americans believe that the United States is “a free and independent state” and do not know that the American monetary system is run by a private group of bankers, who are mostly Israeli citizens.

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that an Israeli insurance company has invested $30 million dollars in Kushner Companies, a firm partially owned by Jared Kushner who is President Trump's senior aide and son-in-law. Ran Markman, who is head of the Israeli company called Menora, has said “the connection to the President was not an issue.”

It was also reported by the New York Times that Kushner had teamed up with a member of a wealthy Israeli family last year, to invest about $200 million dollars in apartment buildings in the ritzier parts of Manhattan.

“One could rationalize these transactions as simple business deals involving companies and investors from different nations, but such deals involving Israeli companies and people so high up in the current US administration is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg that consists of a system of de facto colonization of the United States by the state of Israel,” Peretto said.

“This Israeli hegemony over the United States started in 1913 with the smoke and mirror tactics used by the German banker Warburg, who helped to finance President Woodrow Wilson's campaign for president in 1912; on the condition that once in office he would sign the Federal Reserve Act into law; effectively transferring the American economy over to a cartel of international bankers; some of whom would become instrumental in the founding of the State of Israel some 35 years later,” he added.

“To this day, the US monetary system is run by a private group of bankers -- and many of them are Israeli citizens. In the last 70 years, Israel has steadily increased its power over the US economy, its political system--including Congress, the judicial system, and the presidency. These influences also reach into the mass media and entertainment industry,” the analyst noted.

“President Trump, like his recent predecessors, have assembled administrations that are awash with the Zionist influence. Considering that only two percent of the American people are Jewish, the disproportionate amount of Zionist influence should be alarming to all concerned Americans, including our Jewish population,” he stated.

'US monetary system run by pathological individuals'

“I think most Americans, while culturally loyal to their ancestry, still wish for the US to be independent of foreign self-serving interests whose aims are to suck the life blood out of this country.  In this particular case, the Israelis and the US government led by Trump are first and foremost internationalists who seek the breakdown of the sovereign nation state and the implementation of a one-world government and monetary system run by a cabal of pathological individuals who have made it clear that they seek a sharp reduction in the world's population and wish to relocate all humans into so-called ‘smart cities’ that they will control,” the commentator noted.  

“They also use the climate change issue and UN agenda to propagandize people into submitting to this psychopathic madness. The real estate deals involving the exchanging of millions of dollars between Israeli interests and people in high positions in the White House is payment for Trump's obsessive loyalty to his colonial masters in Tel Aviv,” he continued.  

“To be seriously considered for the presidency today, in terms of funding, a candidate must clearly express his or hers absolute loyalty to the colonial masters. Most Americans live under the illusion that the US is a free and independent state, but if people's cognitive dissonance would suddenly disappear and they began to process reality...it would be a rude awakening for many,” Peretto concluded.